e-Builder Support Lifecycle Policy

Learn about our Support Lifecycle Policy, why it exists, and how you can best prepare for changes to come.

Purpose of the Support Lifecycle Policy

e-Builder is committed to building and sustaining trusted relationships with our customers. That trust allows you to rely on our software-as-a-service to support your mission critical capital programs.

It is our responsibility to ensure visibility to changes to the e-Builder Enterprise offer, solution approach, technology choices, partnerships, and add-on capabilities.

We commit to providing you that transparency and visibility through this policy, which outlines the provision of advance notice and expectations for features that will be necessarily retired.

Support Lifecycle Policy

e-Builder is dedicated to delivering functionality that provides the most value to our customers. Our process for selecting and prioritizing the investment of our feature development efforts includes rigorous analysis of the e-Builder Idea Portal, product usage metrics, and ongoing conversations with our customers and partners.

To best direct our resources and investment, e-Builder must avoid investments in functionality that is of low value, used by very few customers, or contributes to technological barriers to innovation. We strive to continually improve the value of our product for our customers, which may result in the replacement or retirement of an existing feature or module.

Our customers can rely on the following guidelines:

  • Advanced notice and continuous visibility - Written notice for each feature or module placed on a retirement path. The Support Lifecycle Phases matrix conveys the current status and expectations for each phase.
  • Alternatives - Notifications include an outline, description, and steps to adopt alternatives that can be used to accomplish a similar result or solve a similar problem.
  • Continuous support - Features are continually supported and sustained throughout the lifecycle timeframe.
  • Timing considerations - We are sensitive to the impacts of change and the timing needed to plan and implement change. Not all features are equal, so change can not be expected to be implemented in the same timeframe. Our policy allows flexibility for each feature's retirement path.

Some situations require a shorter retirement path and less flexibility. Examples include:

  • Security & Integrity - Occasionally, there is a discovery in an underlying technology that creates a threat to the security or integrity of our customer data or availability of our services. We will communicate in a timely manner.

  • Third Party Components - e-Builder uses and integrates with third-party software components and products. Third-party changes may temporarily or permanently disrupt services that will impact functionality. Although these situations are beyond our control, we will strive to provide as much notice as possible.

Changes and Additional Information

This policy may change at any time. Changes will be communicated in writing and posted to the e-Builder online help site. Changes will go into effect 30 days after notification.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to dedicate ourselves to delivering functionality that provides the most value to our customers. If you have any further questions regarding the e-Builder Support Lifecycle, please contact your e-Builder Account Manager.